Need help while helping Simon?

Here are some common questions and their answers:
1. What happens if I accidentally tap the New Game button instead of Continue?

Clicking the New Game button on the Main Menu takes you to the Prologue story screen and begins a new game. However, if you immediately press the Home button on your device to quit the app, your old game will not be overwritten. Re-launch Simon Graham and click the Continue button to continue the old game.

2. I launched Simon Graham with my iPod music playing, and now I can’t hear the game music.

When Simon Graham is launched while iPod music is playing, the game music is automatically disabled. Even if the iPod music is later stopped, the Simon Graham music will continue to be disabled until you turn it back on. To hear it, first stop the iPod music. Then, from the Main Menu, click the Options button. On the Options screen, enable music by moving the Music switch to On. Please note that the “click” sound used with buttons and other elements is always enabled, even if Music is switched Off. To make the game completely silent, use the Mute switch on your device.