• Playing your own music in Revz

    When you’re playing Revz, you can have your own music playing instead of the game music track.  It’s really easy to do.  Just start your iPod touch or iPhone playing the music you want to listen to.  Then start playing Revz.  Your music will play instead of the game music.  You’ll still hear the sound effects over your personal choice of tunes.  Pretty cool, huh?

  • Revz – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Revz can be quite a challenge!

    Here are some common questions and their answers:
    1. Does the red moving line slow the ball down?

    Nope.  The ball goes right over it.  The red line is your speedometer.  You can see it moving when you play.  It’s telling you how fast the ball is moving.  When the meter goes past the skull and crossbones line, that is a bad thing.  It means you’re going too slow.  You don’t need to watch the speedometer to play Revz well.  It can help you, though, because it lets you know whether or not you need to fire the boost cannon at the moment.

    2. I die right after the 5 second countdown.  Do I have to move my iPhone around really fast to get the ball moving?

    Moving your device around really fast can actually make it harder to get the ball moving.  Give yourself a few practice runs and try slowly tipping the device downward and around in a circle.  You’ll see that the ball “falls” when you tilt the phone.  Get the hang of this and you’re on your way!  Don’t expect the ball to move too fast during the countdown.  The real speed comes from your boost cannon.

    3. I keep running out of boost.  What am I doing wrong?

    You might be firing the boost cannon more than you need.  See if you can let the ball go around a little without boosting it.  That buys you more time to catch a green orb.

    4. I am pretty good at keeping the ball moving, but I still don’t get a very high score.  What gives?

    Even if you don’t need any more boost, try grabbing every green orb and see what you get.  Higher score?  You’ll have to find out.

    5. Is the ball supposed to move in any particular direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise)?

    It doesn’t matter which way the ball goes.  It’s a personal choice.  I’m always moving it counter-clockwise.  Maybe because I’m left-handed?  It goes just as fast in either direction.

    6. How do I change the name when I post my score to the leaderboard?

    Just tap the name and the keyboard will pop up.  Then you can enter whatever you like.